My name is Maria, living and working in Tallinn, Estonia. Specialized in feminine portraiture.

I capture beauty of the women, maternity, families and portraits of children (aged 5y +). My goal is to create little bit artistic photos that would be suitable to decorate your home wall the same way as a painting – one picture can tell a whole story and why not tell your own story.
I also offer more simple style – not so edited and more natural. You can choose what is Your personal taste. In my mind, I’m in love with fine art, so uncommon and unique 🙂
Each session is special to me and I approach personally to all my clients, helping You with all the preparation: where to shoot, what to wear, book your makeup / hairstyle, etc. You don’t have to worry about posing – no previous experience is needed – I know what looks beautiful on the picture and my sessions are 100% guided. I promise that You will get fantastic photos and a worthwhile experience.
You don’t have to do anything else than write to me and together we will think an idea that suits perfectly for You.

Your story tells a fairytale!
See You soon.

My Style:
  • Feminine

  • Sensual

  • Romantic

  • Artistic

  • Timeless

What is Fine Art?
  • Artist vision

  • Certain style (locations, posing, clothing, editing)

  • Photos as art

I accept local photosessions for the following genres:
  • Women portraiture

  • Children

  • Maternity

  • Family 

  • Couples

  • Corporate portrait

  • Marketing photos


You helped to create my own fairy tale. To see myself in a way I have never experienced and seen before. You are so attentive, thorough and you have every detail in place – also how you give your creation to a client. You have the skill you share with the world with playful ease – make everything special you touch!


The whole session was full of positive and good mood, it was very comfortable to be with you. You are a fantastic person and do your work very well! I’m like in the euphoria, fantastic pictures. Only and only incredibly good emotions from writing to you till I received my pictures.


Unreal and out of this world! Maria knows how to find your inner hot woman and bring it to the picture. Very good advise and support about the preparation, it was very useful.  I felt well in front of the camera, as Maria is a professional, guided calmly and firmly. It encouraged me and I felt very calm in front of the camera. Thank you for doing what you do and doing it so professionally, but with pleasure.


Photographer was super, everything was perfect from booking to shooting. She was so helpful and gave all the advice I needed. Guiding was so good and the photos were even more beautiful than I dared to hope. I’m really happy with your work, to the next time.


Maria, a very nice photographer who captured my maternity session, I was very pleased. I have not received so professional instructions from a photographer before, because of that, our session was fast and smooth, and the result is seen on the photos. I would warmly recommend her, thanks to her good guidance and good eye, you will definitely get great pictures 🙂 I hope to meet again soon!


Fantastic pictures! Super-super work, I’m glad I still took it up, although it was not in my best shape, but you brought out all the good things. I was very amazed at the fact that I can both naturally and free on the picture. The guidance was also very professional and the time we spent together was memorable!


I’m speechless, Maria. Pretty honest! I did not expect that I could look like that, it’s good to see myself so beautiful. Thank you again for the images. Now I look at the mirror in a different way than before. Very cool experience.


I’ve have used photographer services before, but I have never felt that the photographer would be as excited and ready for brainstorming, even at 10 o’clock in the evening, photographer was very helpful and cooperative.
She instructed and everything went very fast. I felt very well. The result is 100% as I expected.


Although I knew what result to be expected, when I saw the photos they took my breath away – in a positive sense. Those pictures made me look myself in a different way. I wanted something special and effective and thats what I got 🙂 Will recommend Maria to others because the experience really was great!


One of the best birthday presents ever – maybe 20 years have not been portraitured, but you really created something timeless. I have received so many compliments about the photos, for a woman it’s like a balm to the soul.


Since I have a certain phobia being  in front of the camera, the photographer was in every way very supportive. She was very professional, instructed very firmly and I had a very pleasant and safe experience.
Wonderful service and a work of art. I definitely recommend it to everyone and will continue to use your service in the future. I am extremely pleased and I am a great admirer of your talent.
This day in the studio was worth every second, penny and moment. The pictures took me breathless, and what could be even more beautiful thing if someone changed your day with a wonderful gift of their talent.

4 reasons why You should own beautiful, professional photographs from Yourself:

 I advise you to visit a professional photographer twice a year, one time with the family and the second time alone, just for Yourself. I believe that photographs will become our most important memories, sometimes we don’t understand that before the years have past. 25 years from now, imagine how would You look at the pictures made today? These are memories not only for ourselves but for future generations also.


Women who have done it, know this feeling: You will get a beautiful makeup and hairstyle, wear beautiful clothes, get attention, guided photo shoot, day to yourself. In fact, it is difficult to put it into words, you have to experience it yourself.


When I have finished editing and send the final result to You, it’s so cheering to see those emotions. I´m happy, that You experienced something new and cheerful, that You can see Yourself as a feminine, beautiful woman.


Often women are surprised when they see the pictures:  Is this really me? I look so good? Yes, You do! My goal is to show you this. A well-prepared and instructed photosession is not comparable when someone makes a picture of you with a phone, or if you have been photographed in some event as reportage picture. There are no unphotogenetic people, book Your session and You’ll see!

frequently asked Questions:

I would like to book the time, what should I do next?

When booking, write me your wish: what could be the environment in the photos. Do you want the simplest classic portrait or a bit more artistic style. Let’s talk about all the details before, and we will find perfect solution together, but in order for the content of our session ideas to grow, you need to start with a little “seed” that will put up ideas and describe me little bit of your wishes 🙂

What should I wear?

When it comes to detailed shooting, we’ll talk about ideas and opportunities together. I have written more general suggestions also, will send You those via e-mail. The selection of clothes is not really as complicated as it sounds – the easier it is, the better. However, this is one very important part and certainly needs planning.

How it’s like to be in the session, do I have to pose myself?

The whole session is 100% instructed. I choose the appropriate backgrounds and poses through the whole session, I will guide you and show everything. My purpose is to capture the nature of the person and stay as natural as possible. 

I saw from the price list, that max 13 photos can be received. Last time I visited a photographer, I received 70 images. Is it possible to get more pictures?

The photo shoot is only a small part of my work – the tip of an iceberg – most of the time it’s going to photo editing to get an artistic, soft and fairylike result in the pictures. It’s like a handcraft that I am doing individually for each photo. Photographers who do not put so much energy on post-processing, indeed, usually produce more photos.

However, if you find that you really want more pictures, it is possible to buy additional files by prior arrangement.

Is it possible to get all of the rest, unedited photos?

No! Unprocessed images are not shared by any self-respecting photographer.
Asking for unedited photos is comparable to asking egg shells from top restaurant. This is a semi-work, there is also a lot of so-called “black material” that You have nothing to do with. In addition, photographers take pictures in a file format such as RAW (not jpg), which literally means that it is a raw file for which post-processing is intended, but those images are roughly crawled in their raw form.Photography is also art, and the final result is the creation of a photographer – the so-called product for which you are paying.

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